François-Louis FRANÇAIS 1814-1897

This drawing, dated 1865 and set in Capri, depicts the colonnade or arbour of the Villa Moneta in the island's Moneta/Tiberio neighbourhood1. The artist is known to have had a special affection for this spot, where he would often spend time with other French friends and artists such as Paul Chenavard and Jean-Louis Hamon. Français showed a decorative panel with a view of the Capri Riviera at the Salon in 1883.2

1 Many thanks to Professor Jobst C. Knigge for kindly supplying the information required accurately to identify the villa in Capri portrayed by the artist.

2 Pierre Miquel, Le Paysage français au XIXe siècle (1824-1874). L’école de la nature, Maurs-la-Jolie 1975, vol. III, p. 641.