Armand Hubert Simon LELEUX 1818 -1885

Armand Ubert Simon Leleux was born in Paris in 1818.

He began painting under his brother Adolphe Leleux’s supervision, who was a painter himself and who influenced him in painting canvases depicting Breton subjects.



In 1846 Leleux was sent to Spain by the French Government, probably to study the country’s various artistic collections. In the same year he also had the chance to visit Switzerland where he will return various times as he found numerous patrons and supporters of his works, as well as falling in love with Emilie Louise Giraud (1824-1885), a Swiss painter.



In 1862 he visited Italy for the first time and along with his master, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres he arrived in Rome.



Italy, The Bel Paese conquered him right away, up to the point of inspiring great part of the works realized during the second half of his life. Along with his brother he became one of Emperor Napoleon III and his court’s favorite artists.