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Dear friends,

As spring draws ever closer, what a joy it is to stroll along the avenues and pathways of the marvellous Villa Borghese,

visiting the Fountain of the Sea-Horses in the company of

Georg Heinrich Busse     
 (Bennenmuhlen, 1812 - Hannover, 1868)    

The Fountain of the Sea-Horses
in the Villa Borghese

Watercolour and tempera on paper, 240 x 350 mm
Signed and dated   "G. Busse.Roma, 1842"
The Fountain of the Sea-Horses was commissioned in 1791 by Prince Marcantonio Borghese to design by Cristoforo Unterperger and carved under the  guiding hand of Antonio Asprucci in conjunction with Vincenzo Pacetti, instantly becoming one of the Villa's most popular and best-loved focal points.

Set in the northernmost corner of Piazza di Siena at the crossroads of two avenues, it has enchanted whole generations of Romans, visitors and artists of every age with its four sea-horses emerging from the water.

G. Busse, The Fountain of the Sea-Horses in the Villa Borghese , detail
In 1842 the German artist George Busse produced an enchanting picture of this romantic spot, immersed in luxuriant vegetation and frequented by the fortunate handful of visitors then admitted to the Villa, which was still privately owned at the time.
Michele Mang,  albumin , 1870 c
July 20, 2021