Insights 3


Cari amici,

benvenuti al nostro terzo approfondimento!
Vorrei visitare ancora con voi la meravigliosa Villa Borghese, ma questa volta in compagnia di

       Aurelio Tiratelli        
1839-1900 )

Una mattina di primavera  a Villa Borghese

Oil on wood,, 40 x 69 cm
Signed bottom right   "A. Tiratelli Roma"
This particular area once again reveals the extent to which the Principi Borghese were fond of their villa.

The Portico dei Leoni, or Portico of the Lions, was commissioned by Camillo Borghese in the 1810s to neaten and embellish a simple grotto in the wall supporting the Giardino del Lago, or Lake Garden, above. The result of Luigi Canina's design is exceptionally elegant and has survived unchanged down to our own day.
The atmosphere of cosy intimacy that this corner must have enjoyed in the 19th century, however, is somewhat diminished today by the broad avenue that has been driven through the villa.
Aurelio Tiratelli breathes life into the scene in this painting, which one may justifiably argue is one of his most successful pieces, with figures inspired by the daily life of the Roman bourgeoisie of his day.
July 20, 2021