Flashback : All art is contemporary

5 - 8 October 2020
Pala Alpitour…Torino Corso Sebastopoli 123 Contact the gallery for tickets 11am - 20pm http://www.flashback.to.it/

Flashback is the project dedicated to art, conceived as an open artwork, born in 2013 with the aim of building an atlas of visual culture able to link culture and market into one equation,
without constraints of space and time.


On the one side the name: flashback, the turmoil of the narration, through which the event moves the past into the present, on the other side the exhibition project: all art is contemporary which is inspired by Gino De Dominicis’ conceptual research on the theme of immortality and underlines the “contemporaneity” of the experience of when the artwork is enjoyed and its timelessness.


Flashback was born for sharing a different idea about art history but also about today’s history; a more versatile and less severe approach that has allowed a larger crowd to enjoy the artworks, no longer perceived as distant – for cultural or time-related reasons – but finally part of a concrete experience ‘here and now’. This syncretism is what has allowed flashback to grow exponentially during the years and it is what characterizes the project, which is born as a cultural challenge;
an influx project which always is inspired by life while deeply connecting different time zones:
the ancient,the modern and the contemporary with its making.