"Roman Antiquities" by Luigi Rossini (1790 - 1857)

7 December 2012 - 6 January 2013


The Paolo Antonacci Gallery offers a particular exhibition as per fifteen years tradition dedicated to Rome in December. This year, attention is focused on a collection of 80 engravings from a private collection German "Roman Antiquities" by Luigi Rossini of 1823 and perfectly preserved.

The etchings that are exhibited for the first time to the public give us back a
almost complete panorama of Rome and its main monuments as they appeared in the early 1920s century.

The plates, from an album of the time, are each accompanied by a critical sheet.
The collection includes, among others, the broad perspectives of the Forums which resume and rework, updated in contemporary times, the "Piranesian" language of the view, which also testifies to the many interventions of excavation and study that in those years were carried out on ancient monuments that Rossini, with extreme rigor, documents in his compositions.

To underline the presence in the series of four views of the basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura just affected by the devastating fire of 15 July 1823, testimonies of great documentary value that the author Ravenna drew and engraved for the benefit of foreign connaisseurs eager to bring refined from Rome memories.
On the occasion of this exhibition, a collection of around 30 ancient photographs of will also be presented Rome of the second half of the 19th century attributed to Michele Mang.

Installation Views