The Rome of Diane Epstein

20 May - 12 June 2010

New appointment of the Paolo Antonacci Gallery in Rome. It is the turn of Diane Epstein refined American photographer who lives and works in Rome.
Diane's attention focuses on the most particular corners and views of Rome, then printing one very special technique.
In her series called Fresco, Diane Epstein created a unique form of photography that many they compare to the traditional genre of the fresco, but which uses a special technique that she herself has developed.
The result, in which the images are stratified, is a very personal interpretation of the monuments and the life of ancient and Renaissance Rome. The different layers of photographs dissolve in architecture and in the visions of his particular Rome, which lies beneath the surface.
Born in New York, Diane Epstein, an art photographer, moved to California at a young age. After she spent her adolescence in London, she returned to California to attend university and school in specialization at John F. Kennedy University, where she obtained the Master of Arts. Continue her creative journey to Rome, where she moved in 1995 with her husband and two children.
Her works appear in many important private and public collections. In addition, her photographs are were exhibited in Italy in Rome at the American Academy, the American Embassy, ​​the Residence by the Belgian Ambassador, John Cabot University; in Umbria at the museum of Palazzo Boccarini.
Solo exhibitions are currently underway at the Susan Calloway Fine Art Gallery in
Washington DC and the Sun Gardens in Boston. Diane Epstein recently received a commission for the Canadian pavilion at the Venice Biennale.


“It is with great pleasure that I met Diane Epstein, an original artist who knows how to combine one extraordinary technique with genuine inspiration. The results of his work show that we are facing a artist and a personality that we can follow with confidence and admiration. Good Diane. " Lorenza Trucchi, art critic


"Diane Epstein's photography evokes not only the experience of Rome that can be had through the eyes, but the Rome that you can see in your dreams and that you feel beating deep in your hearts. The pictorial use of textures and the multiple overlap of visual substrates provides a new, and captivating way of looking at the most representative images of Rome. Diane shows a Rome to bring at home, which takes you back to the Eternal City with a simple glance. " Monique Quesada, Delegate for Culture, American Embassy in Rome